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The Skilled Use of Blunt Objects!

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Chapter 13, page 69

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Submit fan art!

THE CRAZING SPIDER-HAG is now accepting fan art! Yes, draw a fan, whether hand-held or electric-- no, wait... If you're a fan of THE CRAZING SPIDER HAG (and who is?), this is your chance to show us how much better you can draw the characters than their creator can! Here are two ways to submit your fan art:

  1. Join the Deconstructing Comics Facebook group and add your file to the Group Photos; or
  2. Put your art on your own Web server and send us a link

So easy that even a Spider-Hag fan could do it ! Er...

Comics NOW!

The critics are, um, surprisingly charitable to THE CRAZING SPIDER-HAG!

It looks great. Great characters! I'm very impressed!

—Suzanne Bradbeer, playwright, “Full Bloom”

“...a humorous online comic book adventure with plenty of witty one-liners...a good blend of mafia and political absurdity...”

Tony Doug Wright,

“I’m not sure I would ever have anything to talk to (Tim) about since he’s insane...”

—Kumar Sivasubramanian, writer, "Weird Crime Theater"


Spider-Hag and all characters copyright 1978-2010, Tim Young/Bowl Comics.

since July 13, 2005

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